Agiletrade makes an advantageous offer for its customers – supply of industrial and technical equipment, electronics, building materials, as well as setting up and maintain industrial equipment. We organize deliveries of equipment across Europe and we are ready to satisfy demanding customers both wholesale and retail. We have various partners in a wide range of connected industries and can assist you in designing, supporting and managing your information systems while at the same time lowering your overall IT costs


Agiletrade also supplies building construction materials with possibilities to cater to almost any need in the field. We are ready to help you to build your dream warehouse, farming facility or any other kind of property that will benefit your business.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the most outstanding service in the industry while maintaining a family atmosphere for our customers, vendors, and employees. Our partnerships with several manufacturers have strengthened our resources giving us valuable insight and education that we pass on to our customers.

We are consistently proactive in searching for new building products, materials and techniques so that our clients will have access to the latest product offerings in our market.

Ability to organize prompt deliveries of new technical equipment to our customers are the key to our success in this business.

Our suppliers are always in touch and ready to answer any emerging questions, regarding performance characteristics and equipment capabilities.

With regards to construction, transportation and loading – we are in touch with a variety of our well known logistic partners and you receive a ready-made kit for your production purposes. 

For more details please get in touch with us by using the feedback form or simply sending an e-mail to our costumer service


We offer a variety of different solutions regarding heavy industrial equipment. We work closely with vast majority of big household names in the industrial sector and are ready to cater for the most picky clients.  
Do not hesitate to contact our team if you are interested in any specific type of equipment and we will be glad to help you. 


Our team of experienced service technicians can maintain your industrial equipment with our preventive services and help reduce the need for maintaining reactive failures.

Regardless of the manufacturer of your industrial equipment or your industry, you need to keep your machinery in operation and produce for your business.
Preventive maintenance is generally much more cost-effective when compared proactive maintenance with reactive maintenance costs.


The Logistics & Transportation industry is driven heavily by technology innovation for profitability, competitive advantage, and customer experience. Our solutions and services help logistics & transportation enterprises adopt technology solutions to  drive digital transformation.
We help cities, companies and people save time and money. Our technology makes mobility more efficient, safer and better for the environment. Be it optimizing routes, simulating virtual scenarios, modeling city networks or predicting traffic flow – what can we do for you today?
We are developing an highly automated workflow all the way from receiving to processing to shipping. Full visibility into the material at each step of the process, complete tracking of planned vs. actual, providing no lost revenues since real-time data captured provided for billing automatically. Reduced manual labor cost and human errors due to real-time tight integration with the postal companies for real-time data flow. Easy-to-use user interfaces on the web and mobile applications reduce the cost of training and re-training the high turn-over prone semi-skilled labor on sorting and stamping machines.